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3 Ways to Wear Statement Earrings by Lauren Jobling

Enjoy this 3 ways to wear statement earrings guest post from amazing celeb stylist Lauren Jobling. Make sure to follow her at or on insta here For those of you that have followed me for a while, know that I have a penchant for earrings. Whether they’re statement earrings, or small huggies to just accent the ear – I’m hear for it. I think jewellery can change up a look immeasurably, especially if you’re… Read More »3 Ways to Wear Statement Earrings by Lauren Jobling

Spring Summer Update

I am so excited for spring summer! I don’t know about you but the rainy dreary weather is putting a dampner on my mood! Being an autumn (soft, warm, deep) colour type, mustard burgundy etc are totally my colours. Despite this I am all about embracing some sunshine and I’m here to show you the new colours coming March 1st. My absolute favourite is Coral! Its perfect for warm based people and is super summery!… Read More »Spring Summer Update

Finding your dominant colour type

Finding your dominant colour type can have a huge impact on your look. It’s the first step in a colour analysis and is a great entry into seeing the difference. Watch Katie from Decadent Beauty deliver an online colour assessment and see which you think fits you best. Contact Katie here for a free dominant colour assessment to make doubly sure, then let the fun begin! Once you have watched the video or spoken to… Read More »Finding your dominant colour type

Earring allergies explained

It is believed that 10% of the population have metal allergies. Did you know that most earring allergies or sensitivities are caused from nickel used in combined metals. As you sweat the oils from your skin react to the metals and cause oxidation, with nickel this causes nickel salts which in turn causes irritations such as redness and swelling. To combat this I’ve seen so many people talk about coating their earrings with nail polish,… Read More »Earring allergies explained

A little bit more about cork

Ultra chic *and* sustainable our PeTA approved vegan cork leather earrings will definitely take your outfit to the next level. But why did we choose cork? What is cork leather?  Cork leather is a natural and eco-friendly material made from the bark of the cork oak tree.We use it for our earrings due to it’s high-durability and a unique look. It’s also waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to maintain making it a perfect alternative to… Read More »A little bit more about cork