Finding your dominant colour type

Finding your dominant colour type can have a huge impact on your look. It’s the first step in a colour analysis and is a great entry into seeing the difference. Watch Katie from Decadent Beauty deliver an online colour assessment and see which you think fits you best. Contact Katie here for a free dominant colour assessment to make doubly sure, then let the fun begin!

Once you have watched the video or spoken to Katie use the guide below to check out some of the colours that best suit your type. Let me know in the comments which colour type you think you are! I’m a soft dominant and adore coral and mustard! Make sure to shop your new colours here


Red, Wine, Purple with silver (coming soon), Khaki, Cobalt


Mint (not shown), Blush Pink, Lavender, Pink, Turquoise, Ocean


Mustard, Cinnamon, Orange, Coral, Red, Turquoise, Khaki


Blush Pink, Pink, Wine, Lavender, Grass Green, Turquoise, Peacock, Cobalt


Red, Ocean, Grass Green, Orange, Turquoise, Lavender, Wine


Mustard, Cinnamon, Coral, Khaki, Lavender, Pink, Cobalt, Wine

Colours that suit most people

Teal, Red, Pink, Turquoise, Khaki and Aubergine (not shown)

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