I originally got this recipe from Twinkl when trying to look for fun things to do with the kids.

As a coeliac nice tasting gluten free cookies are few and far between and ones I’ve tried to make before have always tasted powdery or weird! I adapted this recipe and have included mine below

8 tablespoons of doves freee plain flour 5 tablespoons of sugar (I’ve used Demerara in the picture as it’s all I could get!). 4 tablespoons of vegan baking block

Cream the baking block and sugar together then add the flour. It will be hard to stir initially. I then normally get my hands in there and squidge it all together until it forms a nice ball. Refrigerate for about half an hour. You can then roll it out and cut it into shapes but I tend to flatten into a disc and cut like a pizza to make shortbread style triangles. Don’t make them too thin or they will be hard and not chewy. I set my over to 180celsius and cook until slightly browned at the edge, about 10 mins. Don’t be tempted to over cook they will feel slightly mushy until cooled but if you cook for too long they go rock hard! Take them out and let them cool then try not to eat them all in one go. I can promise you I fail at this every time!

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