Why statement earrings? Your face needs earrings like your boobs need a bra! Earrings frame the face and finish an outfit. They are an easy way to feel made up with minimal effort. Perfect to take you from school run to drinks out!

As the Readers Digest says ‘The easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to modernise any outfit is by adding the right pair of earrings. It’s not subtle, dainty earrings, but bold, colourful, Joan-Miró-is-my-muse kind of earrings that have impact. Choose a colour that flatters you as a starting point and go from there. Good quality basic clothes that are already in your wardrobe, like a shift dress or a cashmere jumper, are the perfect foil for transformational statement earrings. Changing the focal point with earrings can make the whole outfit look completely different.’

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