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  • Ends of line upcycled byproduct
  • Limited edition colours
  • Lightweight

I hate the idea that with all the negative environmental effects the leather industry creates that offcuts are being thrown away. I get a hold of all those pieces that would end up in the bin and in landfill and turn them into lightweight beautiful earrings. You can read more about the leather industries effects here . Trend Tonic only uses by-product recycled leather that would have gone to waste and will never stock or make with new leather.


Due to the size these are only available in the Teardrop, Diamond, Leaf and Geode shapes. These can be seen in the cork earring sections here. Then you can choose from gold plated, silver plated or stainless steel findings.


Only offcuts are used so I cannot guarantee availability. If you see a colour you like grab it before it goes!


Colours will be regularly updated based on what leather becomes available. I cannot take requests for colours due to only using byproducts.


How to care for your leather earrings

Your leather earrings will need slightly different care to the cork. I do not recommend you use essential oils on these as it may discolour, however oils can be used on the cork. To keep your leather earrings looking there best hang them up or lay them flat for storage. Keep away from any water, makeup or hair products.

If needed the earrings can be wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth but be super careful especially on lighter colours. If your earring gets bent you can flatten it by placing a towel over the fabric and applying VERY light heat and steam from an iron. Don’t iron the hooks!


Teardrop, Diamond, Leaf, Geode


Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Stainless Steel


Emerald, Black, Wine, Navy, Azure, Strawberry, Sky, Berry Red, Denim, Coffee, Cream, Tan, Olive, Grape, Caramel

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