I am so excited for spring summer! I don’t know about you but the rainy dreary weather is putting a dampner on my mood! Being an autumn (soft, warm, deep) colour type, mustard burgundy etc are totally my colours. Despite this I am all about embracing some sunshine and I’m here to show you the new colours coming March 1st.

Summer Cork colours
Lavender, Ocean, Mint, Daisy, Coral, Turquoise and Orange

My absolute favourite is Coral! Its perfect for warm based people and is super summery! Turquoise is a brilliant suit all colour and is much greener than ocean in person. Ocean is a gorgeous blue and amazing on cool based people!

Moving onto patterns for spring summer. Cheetah, Leopard and Zebra are staying. Daisy is new, bang on trend and oh so fun! I adore this pattern in geode shape! It is a cool based shade but it’s fun to break the rules sometimes!

Daisy spring summer trend

Lastly we have to talk about the colours that will be leaving! I know some of these are firm favourites, especially for autumn colour type. Luckily for you mustard is staying and orange and coral are new warm tones made for you!

winter cork
Wine, Khaki, Teal, Charcoal and Aubergine

Which colour are you most excited to see? Pop in the comments your favourite!

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