CHOOSING A NECKLACE THAT’S PERFECT FOR YOU Choosing a necklace that ticks all the boxes is hard right? Its got to suit your height, face shape and body type to look best. Don’t despair though I’ve done all the hard work for you and collated it into this fab necklace style guide! Just like with our earrings your face shape plays a huge roll in determining what style of necklace suits you the best. You… Read More »NECKLACE STYLE GUIDE

How accessories can take you from a Mum on the run to a yummy Mummy.

Fab guest blog by stylist Katie from Decadent Beauty. I always remember my first experience of a style consultation. At the very end the consultant stood up and took off her jewlery, belt, shoes and lippy and was left looking.. well, unfinished. It just really drummed into me the importance of the final step, accesorizing. So here are some of the clothing range, which you will find at Mermaid Cove and some finishing touches from… Read More »How accessories can take you from a Mum on the run to a yummy Mummy.

Earrings to suit your face shape.

When it comes to finding the right shape earrings for your face, opposites definitely attract. To start with you need to determine what face shape you have. Scrape your hair back and take a photo. Print the photo and draw around the contours. What shape does it most resemble? Now you’ve found your face shape lets have a look at the best styles to suit you to a T. Heart – To balance a heart… Read More »Earrings to suit your face shape.

Finding your dominant colour type

Finding your dominant colour type can have a huge impact on your look. It’s the first step in a colour analysis and is a great entry into seeing the difference. Watch Katie from Decadent Beauty deliver an online colour assessment and see which you think fits you best. Contact Katie here for a free dominant colour assessment to make doubly sure, then let the fun begin! Once you have watched the video or spoken to… Read More »Finding your dominant colour type

Earring allergies explained

It is believed that 10% of the population have metal allergies. Did you know that most earring allergies or sensitivities are caused from nickel used in combined metals. As you sweat the oils from your skin react to the metals and cause oxidation, with nickel this causes nickel salts which in turn causes irritations such as redness and swelling. To combat this I’ve seen so many people talk about coating their earrings with nail polish,… Read More »Earring allergies explained