Earring allergies explained

It is believed that 10% of the population have metal allergies. Did you know that most earring allergies or sensitivities are caused from nickel used in combined metals. As you sweat the oils from your skin react to the metals and cause oxidation, with nickel this causes nickel salts which in turn causes irritations such as redness and swelling.
To combat this I've seen so many people talk about coating their earrings with nail polish, this scares me for many reasons. First of all nail polish can contain toxic ingredients and is intended to go on the nail plate not in a piercing. Secondly, most reactions are due to metal allergy and you can't guarantee to cover the whole post with nail polish and even a tiny amount of contact can create the same reaction. Lastly and probably most importantly, nail polish CHIPS! If your like me it chips the second you apply it! Now imagine this polish chipping and flaking into your ear piercing. This hack is unhygienic, unsafe and not recommended. 
The best solution is to find the metal that works for you. One of the lowest reaction metals is 316L stainless steel which we use on our earrings including Stud-U-Like and the circle stud findings in Happy Balls, Big Sassy Balls, and Bloomin Marvellous. The hooks used for the other styles can be nickel and lead free sterling silver plated or gold plated or stainless steel to make sure your ears stay happy!

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