When it comes to finding the right shape earrings for your face, opposites definitely attract.

To start with you need to determine what face shape you have. Scrape your hair back and take a photo. Print the photo and draw around the contours. What shape does it most resemble?

Now you’ve found your face shape lets have a look at the best styles to suit you to a T.

Heart – To balance a heart shape face aim for wide based styles such as teardrop, avoid long verticle shapes like the bar.

Long – Wide, bold large earrings work fab for long faces. Aim for statement circular shapes such as big sassy balls.

Oval- Ovals can get away with all earring shapes (lucky things) as long as they are in proportion size wise.

Diamond – Much like heart shapes aim for wide based styles to balance a diamond face. Teardrop, geode and diamond is good for this. 

Square – Curves and flowing shapes help soften a square face try styles such as dangly balls, Huggies and leaf.

Round – To help balance a round face, long, thin and verticle shapes are the best. Think the bar or geode.

I hope you found this helpful, let me know in the comments what face shape you are and check out the full range here

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