Gothcore basics and how to get Wednesdays lip look Trend Tonic

Gothcore basics and how to get Wednesdays lip look

Gothcore is bang on trend at the moment thanks to Netflix's Wednesday. Gothcore is an aesthetic that involves the themes and characteristics of goth with the metalcore aesthetic sprinkled in. Gothcore is a fusion of gothic rock, gothic metal and hardcore punk 🤘

Online personal styling service Stitch Fix UK has reported an increase in month-on-month and year-on-year customer requests for ultimate gothcore staples, with the term 'black dress' up 91% vs last year and 'black boots' up 43%. 🤯

I've found a few easy to wear pieces that have gothcore written all over them 

Gothcore Wednesday fashion inspiration
Earrings by Trend Tonic, Jumper by Cider, dress from La Redoute, striped cardigan from oasis and lipliner from Sleek.
The original lip look was created by mixing Mac nightmoth with Dr Pawpaw clear lip balm to create this dark plummy sheer look. I wanted to create the same but using cruelty free products and found the Sleek lipliner in Blindfolded to be a fab dupe. 
Wednesday lip tutorial
Scribble the lipliner on the back of your hand, not too much, and squirt a blob of clear lip balm (Dr Pawpaw has a thickish texture) on top of the liner. Mix together using your finger until you have a plummy sheer colour and dab it on your lips 🤘 let me know if you try this 👇
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