Tonic nomination form

For every 50 orders, Trend Tonic sends a pair of earrings or necklace to someone who could use a little pick me up.

You can nominate someone who is having a hard time to receive a little tonic using the Nomination Form below. The more information about the persons likes and dislikes (gold or silver, big or small, pierced or non pierced etc) the better the gift will be!

Successful nominees are selected at random at the end of each month by random number generator. Gifts will be sent to successful nominees in the following month.


Sending these little pick me ups can really make someone's day so I want to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance. For that reason, I'm asking that if you wish to nominate yourself or someone else that you only submit one nomination per month and that the recipient:

  • Is based in the UK

  • Has not previously received tonic gift through the nominations

  • Is happy to share personal details such as name, address and other relevant information (this will be used strictly for the purpose of sending a personalised tonic)