More about February awareness range for Evelina Hospital Trend Tonic

More about February awareness range for Evelina Hospital

For February Charlotte is sharing her and her son Zachary's story and experience with the Evelina Hospital.

Charlotte and zachary

"I took my Nan to my 20 week scan. It was the first ultrasound she’d ever seen. When they’d spent an hour scanning me without many words I knew she hadn’t attended a normal scan. We were called to a side room and told there were anomalies, but it could be position of baby. The Evelina saw us the very next day. I’ve never felt more alone. My baby in the womb was given an echocardiogram (an ultrasound scan of his heart), it still amazes me to this day. I had to take my toddler with me. We were given tea and biscuits and when it came to the consultant giving us the cold, hard facts a nurse sat with my son and played tea parties. Part of the cold hard facts meant I opted for an amniocentesis. Again, I was cared for and treated with respect. From the time of me giving birth all through the check ups weekly/monthly that had been arranged up until my baby was ready for open heart surgery the Evelina were beyond brilliant. Their outreach nurses allayed so many fears. The secretaries were beyond helpful. As for the medical staff, well, they just are top class professionals. My baby has a scar that he now notices at the age of 7 and it depicts a tough start. A start that was made so much easier by the Evelina and continues to be made easier. We have trials yet to face, but they are still by our side. We have our check ups there and I still call the outreach team for advice. From that first day to this one 7 years on I cannot fault their care. Whether that be investigations, operations, procedures, outreach. It did thorough and caring and so very necessary."

baby in hospital
Evelina London Says "We are the UK’s leading hospital for paediatric heart services as well as a specialist in kidney transplants and dialysis, metabolic conditions, allergy and neurology.

Evelina London Children's Hospital is a local and national hospital, seeing children with all kinds of conditions. Every donation goes towards life-saving care, equipment, research and patient comforts for some of the UK's sickest children.

Our supporters are incredibly important to us. Without your help, we simply wouldn’t be able to support the amazing work our hospitals carry out every day."
baby with hospital wires
All the items in the awareness range this February raise money and awareness for Evelina London
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