Beware of the plastics Trend Tonic

Beware of the plastics

Vegan leather is bombarding the fashion industry at the moment and it fucks me right off.

I shall tell you for why.

What they don't tell you in the greenwashed leaves on the labels advertising is 99.999% of it is PU leather. Polyurethane leather (PU leather) is not sustainable or even biodegradable. It's actually just plastic, which is rarely recycled and in vegan leather form is impossible to recycle.

PU and PVC both create micro-plastic pollution due to the amount of energy, water, and chemicals used to produce fake leather materials. The plastics release harmful toxins during manufacturing that can get into the air and into water. Some of the plastics can even release some toxins later when worn down 😳😮

So yea don't be fooled by the vegan leather labels and the slightly beige and green marketing it's bloody plastic 🤷

Not mine though, that's cork and all good baby 👌

Beware of the plastics
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