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Dressing for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour: A Stylish Guide to Each Era

Hey Swifties! With the Taylor Swift Eras Tour in full swing, it's time to channel your inner T-Swift and get ready for a concert experience like no other. Each era of Taylor's career has its own unique style and vibe. Let's dive into the fashion of each era and figure out what to wear to celebrate every iconic phase of her journey!

Taylor Swift Era (2006)

- Country sweetheart
- Acoustic guitar vibes
- Innocent and fresh

Outfit Ideas:
- Floral sundresses
- Cowboy boots
- Denim jackets
- Heart-shaped accessories

Floral teardrops

Howdy Hoops

Heart Hoops

Fearless Era (2008)

- Princess dreams
- Gold and glitter
- Fairy-tale romance

Outfit Ideas:
- Sparkly dresses
- Gold accessories
- Ballet flats or elegant heels
- Curly hair and headbands

Howdy hoops

Lucky Necklace

Cowboy boots T-Shirt

Speak Now Era (2010)

- Storyteller
- Bold and dramatic
- Fantasy and fairytales

Outfit Ideas:
- Bright-coloured dresses (red, purple, blue)
- Sequined tops
- High-waisted skirts
- Statement jewellery

Purple leaf earrings

Gemstone drop earrings

Red Era (2012)

- Edgy and emotional
- Pop-rock influences
- Autumnal hues

Outfit Ideas:
- Red everything (lipstick, dresses, tops)
- Striped shirts
- High-waisted shorts
- Fedoras and beanies

Red leaf earrings

Red heart earrings

Love struck earrings

1989 Era (2014)

- Synth-pop and city chic
- Retro vibes
- Polaroid aesthetics

Outfit Ideas:
- Crop tops and high-waisted skirts
- Metallic or pastel jackets
- Chunky heels or platform shoes
- Sunglasses and bold lip colours

Turquoise leaf earrings

Turquoise heart earrings


Reputation Era (2017)

- Dark and mysterious
- Snakes and scandal
- Powerful and unapologetic

Outfit Ideas:
- Black and silver ensembles
- Leather jackets and thigh-high boots
- Bold makeup (dark lips, smoky eyes)
- Snake accessories

Snake charm earrings

Silver mini bolt earrings

Silver heart hoops

Lover Era (2019)

- Pastel paradise
- Love and happiness
- Rainbow and glitter

Outfit Ideas:
- Pastel-colored outfits
- Heart-shaped sunglasses
- Sequined tops and skirts
- Bright and fun makeup

Pink glitter heart earrings

Love struck earrings

Heart hoops

Folklore Era (2020)

- Cottagecore
- Earthy and ethereal
- Introspective and cozy

Outfit Ideas:
- Flowy dresses and skirts
- Cardigans and cozy sweaters
- Floral prints and plaids
- Minimalist makeup


Rainbow leaf earrings

Wooden leopard hoop earrings

Evermore Era (2020)

- Woodsy and whimsical
- Rustic and poetic
- Reflective and calm

Outfit Ideas:
- Earth tones and muted colors
- Layered outfits (scarves, vests)
- Vintage-inspired clothing
- Natural, soft makeup

Red leaf earrings

Pink floral earrings

Leopard print earrings

Midnights Era (2022)

- Reflective and dreamy
- Nighttime chic
- Emotional and elegant

Outfit Ideas:
- Shimmery and dark-toned outfits
- Velvet dresses
- Starry accessories
- Sultry makeup with a touch of sparkle

Mini star earrings

Get creative and have fun with your outfits! Whether you’re channeling Taylor’s country roots or her edgy Reputation phase, there’s no wrong way to dress up for the Eras Tour. Snap those selfies, make unforgettable memories, and most importantly, enjoy the music! ✨🎤🕺

Let us know in the comments which era you’re most excited to dress up for! 💖

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