Neon earrings and how to style them

Neon earrings and how to style them

Nothing lifts your mood like neon and it's such an easy thing to add with neon earrings. They can change an entire look, dress up a t-shirt or dress down a dress. Statement earrings can also transform how you feel about an outfit. They’re a way of boosting confidence and drawing attention to an area you feel great about. 

At Trend Tonic, we’re all about confidence – and a pair of neon earrings can add that little boost you need. Don’t believe us? Well here are 6 of our favourite neon pairs, and how we would style them to help you easily incorporate them into your wardrobe!

First up it's about going all out with this neon colourful explosion! This gorgeous shooting star neon hoodie from Neon Marl pairs perfectly with our neon star earrings. Finish the look with these Reebok trainers with a neon trim and pull the outfit together with these m&s jeans.

I've paired these fabulous Stradivarius neon blue trousers with the smaller neon dot charms, pulling the look together without being too much. Paired with simple white top from Monki and Reebok shoes to let the blue shine as the star of the show.

If your going out out neon accessories can make a simple little black dress an outfit of dreams! Neon green is a favourite of mine and I've matched our neon earrings with these shoes and dress from ASOS

We’re all about comfort here at Trend Tonic, and you can’t get much more comfortable that these t-shirt dresses from Next. Pairing these simple dresses with neon earrings can really make sure that you feel out-out ready! These fab lightning bolt sneakers from Heavenly Feet prioritises comfort without sacrificing style. 

This t-shirt feels like it was made for our neon earrings. But instead of matching it with yellow neon, try bringing out the pink with your statement earrings. Add the pink neon bolts with these electric sandals from air and grace, and throw over our sustainable, eco friendly cork flamingo bag to tie it together. 

Leopard print and Neon go together like PB&J, Fish and chips, ant&Dec! There isn't a neon that doesn't go well with a simple leopard and this gorgeous Kemi Telford dress is a fave of mine

Style and comfort can go hand in hand - just add the right pair of statement earrings and you’re ready to go! And remember. Statement earring don’t have to break the bank, or the planet! 




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